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Under Construction Series (April to June 2017)

From April 23 to June 25, we will be worshiping at the Hendry Hall at the Presbyterian Church while our building receives a new entrance.
While our building is under construction to make it more accessible and to expand the possibilities of ministry we thought it would be a good time for our congregation to do a little rebuilding too. We will be in a new venue for our worship services giving us opportunity to try some innovations. During the weeks of displacement we will review what it means to be disciples of Christ using our church discipleship document.
1 Peter 2:4-5 says, As you come to him, the living Stone—rejected by humans but chosen by God and precious to him— you also, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
The strength of our house/congregation depends to a large degree on you. Please plan to participate in the coming services.  

1. A committed follower of Jesus – Step 1: meeting Jesus

April 23: “My feet on a Rock” (1 Peter 2: 6-7a, Psalm 40:1-3) Jesus tells a parable about the wise and foolish builders. The wise builders established their building/lives on a rock – a solid foundation. As we rebuild our lives we want to start at the base. There are some foundational issues that need to be addressed. It all starts with Christ who is our cornerstone and our foundation. Where are you in relation to Jesus?

April 30: “A Work in Progress” (Matthew 7:24) Before the walls go up the footings are laid to provide solid and level support. The first weight bearing layers of wall need to be well placed to set the course of what follows. There are first steps to be considered and followed. If obedience is building on the Rock of Jesus, what are the next steps for you?


2. A practitioner of the Christian disciplines – Step 2: following Jesus

May 7: “Built to Last” (2 Cor. 3:18, Acts 2:42-47) It is the walls that help to give shape and deine the building. At this stage we need to consider the building materials; the building blocks that give shape to who we are and our character. It is in the practice of the Christian disciplines that give strength and definition to our faith and living. Consider the importance of prayer, knowing the bible, worship and giving. 
These are some of the building blocks of a healthy Christian life.

May 14: “Getting the Word In: There are essential Christian disciplines or practices that help to form and transform us in redemptive life giving ways. Last week we received some teaching; now let’s put our lessons into practice. Today we’ll focus on the Scriptures and how to listen and absorb them. Get the Word out and in. This should be both beneficial and fun.

May 21: “GraceChat” Sometimes it is easier to talk about prayer than to actually pray. This essential practice needs practice. We will explore and enter into various models of prayer.

3. A Witness to the Kingdom Building work of Jesus – Step 3: becoming like Jesus

May 28: “Rooms with a View” (Acts 1:8) It is the windows, doors and other features of the house that enables a relationship between those in the building and those outside. As we construct a new entrance to make our building accessible, we need to think about accessibility in broader terms. How do we make the presence and ministry of Jesus accessible to others? We will consider for a while what we see when we look out. How well do we know our neighbours and community? If we like windows provide a view of the heavenly, what will that look like?

June 4: “Inside Out” (Acts 2:42-47, Acts 4:13) What do people see when they look at us? Does the presence of our people and place have an impact on the lives and community around us? What is it that gets noticed?

4. A faithful member of the Church Step 4: sharing Jesus

June 11: “Pentecost” (Hebrews 10:24-25) The church of course is a people – the Body of Christ. No matter how wonderful and accessible our building, what really matters is us. 1 Peter 2:5 describes us as, “like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” We each are called to both be and to do something as well we together are called to be and do something. We need to be all in for this to truly work.

June 18: TBA

June 25: TBA

Easter 2017

April 2: Sunday is a Comin’ (John 5:16-30) Jesus talks to his persecutors to try and help them understand that they are witnessing the greatest moment of history. God was doing something amazing in their midst and they were missing it. Jesus speaks of renewal and life as he alludes to the resurrection. What is the message for us as we approach the celebration of Easter? 
Devotional Thought: Have you considered that some of the hardest things to believe about Jesus seem to be among the most important and wonderful? 

April 9: Palm Sunday – Your King has Come (John 12:12-19) A week before Jesus was to die he rides humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey. The people greeted him with waving palm branches and shouts of praise. Their King had come. Today in our worship we honour Jesus as our King and invite others to join the celebration. “Look, the whole world has gone after him.” We are pleased to welcome the Mimico Children’s Choir and their families.   
Devotional Thought: How do you show your allegiance to the King?

April 16: Easter Sunday will be a glorious celebration of the resurrection of Christ and the promise of a new world. Our choir will present a cantata, Lift High the Cross, by Lloyd Lawson. It is an invitation to take the journey of faith. It is a powerful message filled with hope. “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim till all the world adore his sacred name.”

Devotional Thought: Consider that the cross took on life giving significance after the resurrection. Before that is was a sign of death and horror. What does the cross of Christ mean to you?

Rethinking Church with Cid Latty (March 19, 2017)

Rethinking Church

Guest speaker Cid Latty will share a bit about his experience of planting over 100 Café Churches in England. Let us consider what obedience to Jesus might look like for us in our time and place. Cid is the Congregational Development Associate for the CBOQ.   
Devotional Thought: What are some ways we can give our neighbours and friends a taste of the Kingdom of God?

97th Anniversary Service (January 22, 2017)

Guest speaker: Rev. Denise Gillard.

Denise is the Founder, Executive Artistic Director of The HopeWorks Connection and The Toronto Children’s Concert Choir & Performing Arts Company (TC3). She is known for her gifted preaching and inspiring motivational speaking, she has dedicated herself to inspiring youth and the people who love them to work toward achieving their full potential in the context of faith, service and transformational living. Come and celebrate with us what God has been doing among us.

Jesus Today (January-March 2017 series)

Jesus Today

We will take a fresh look at John’s Gospel. Of the four accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings, John takes a unique approach. Written to the church it is an accessible story rich in significance and insight. He describes and demonstrates the great truths of salvation, creation\re-creation, incarnation, the kingdom of God, belief and practice. We will apply all this to today’s reality.

January 15: Among Us (John 1:1-18) The message of John 1 is that God took on human flesh and moves among us. This is remarkable news with huge implications for how we live and how we do ministry.  What is Jesus doing today and how can we be a part of it?  Together I expect we will make some exciting discoveries.
Devotional Thought:  At the end of each day this week consider when you may have sensed Jesus at work.

January 29: Voice in the Wilderness (John 1:19-34 & 3:22-36) To prepare the way for Jesus, a messenger was sent in advance to get people ready. John the Baptist, the ‘advance man’ called people to turn their lives around so that they could face Jesus when he came to them. His credibility was evident and his reputation wide. He introduced many to Jesus.
Devotional Thought: What does it mean for us to be God’s voice in today’s wilderness? What would it look or sound like?

February 5: Follow Me (John 1:35-51) The call still stands – continues to be extended – and sometimes to the most unlikely. As Jesus gathers disciples, we see the call extended, sometimes by Jesus directly, and sometimes through another. How are people responding to this call today?
Devotional Thought: How have you heard the call of Jesus in your life? Give thanks. 
(Sorry, a recording is not available.)

February 12: Glory Revealed (John 2:1-11) Jesus performs his first miraculous sign at a wedding.
Devotional Thought: Can you think of a time when you witnessed the glory of the Lord? Did it result in greater faith?
(Sorry, a recording is not available.)

February 19: This Temple (John 2:12-25) The temple holds a central and significant place in Judaism and uniquely in Christianity too.
Devotional Thought: In the New Testament both the Christian and the Church (Christians in community) are described as temples where God dwells. 

February 26: Seeing the Kingdom (John 3:1-21) A curious Pharisee comes to question Jesus at night. Before he can ask the question, Jesus gives him the answer. Jesus shares some truly important and revolutionary information.  The Kingdom is about being born from above; being born again. Jesus was bringing heaven to earth; light and life.
Devotional Thought: Do you want to see the Kingdom of God?

March 5: Another Good Samaritan (John 4:1-42) A most unlikely encounter and conversation brings about a major faith impact on a Samaritan village. It is said the God works in mysterious ways.  Who knows what God might do in your community? And who knows how he will do it? This is CBOQ Sunday, so we will focus some time on our extended family.  
Devotional Thought: If you have a personal encounter with Jesus, who would you tell?
(Sorry, a recording is not available.)

March 12: Miraculous Signs (John 4 ;43-54) For some people to believe they want some kind of miraculous proof. Ever wonders why some believe in Jesus and others don’t? Do you wonder what it would take to turn a life around to face him? 
Devotional Thought: What moved/or moves you towards Jesus?

March 26: A Sign of the Kingdom (John 5:1-15) A man with a disability gets what he wants but only later does he learn that it was Jesus who healed him. Are there people who have met Jesus, even been helped by Jesus without realizing it?   
Devotional Thought: Have you ever looked back on a time in your life and only realised with hindsight that it was an experience of the hand of God?

New Years sermon series

January 1: 360 Degrees (Isaiah 43:18-19) We’ll take some time in the presence of God to look back, to look around and to look ahead.  This will be a time of reflection, prayer and anticipation.

Devotional thought: Will you commit to going with God in 2017?

January 8: Epiphany Service Inside Out (Matthew 2:1-12) In this story, men who studied the immense vast array of stars are found looking for the very small – a baby born king of the Jews. What was in the stable was larger than the world. Be in awe of this great revelation of God.
Devotional thought: Can you think of a personal epiphany; a time when God revealed himself?

Advent 2016

The Christ of Christmas:  Sometimes Christmas is shortened to Xmas. For some the X, as the first letter in the Greek of Jesus name is just a short form. For many though, the X, as in algebra represents the unknown. Over these weeks we will get acquainted with the Christ of Christmas.

November 27: Advent 1 – Hope:  Anticipation (selected texts) Welcome to the first Sunday in Advent. In Advent we prepare to receive the Christ who comes to us. The Christmas story did not come out of nowhere. It is the realization of centuries of waiting, hoping and longing. God had made promises to his people that had not yet been fulfilled. Jesus comes as the awaited pinnacle of the great story of God and our world. Jesus is our hope. 
Devotional Thought:  Is there much anticipation in your Christmas preparations?  Could what you long for be found in Christ?
(No audio recording available.)

December 4: Advent 2 – Peace:  Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:1-7) There is a verse in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures telling of the birth of a son to be called, the Prince of Peace. Jesus came as the giver of peace. In a world with still so much hatred, violence and terrorism; and a world where many suffer from stress and anxiety, we need the peace that Jesus gives. 
Devotional Thought: If there are turbulence of stress in your life invite the Prince of Peace to come and calm the troubled waters.

December 11: Advent 3 – Joy: Rejoice! (Luke 2:10) One of the great benefits and evidences of Christ is Joy. It was announced that his birth was good news of great joy. We sing, “Joy to the World.” What are the roots of this happiness? Together we will seek and enter into the joy of Christ. 
Devotional Thought: In John 15:9-11, Jesus draws a relationship between his love for us and the joy that he gives. Take a look at these verses and reflect on the completeness of your joy.
(No recording available.)

December 18: Advent 4 – Love: Cantata – Sing with the Angels! Our choir will present the Christmas story in song and word. Angels are referenced throughout the scriptures and play a major role in the story of Christ’s birth, from Gabriel’s first appearance to Zacharias, to the glorious scene of angels filling the heavens singing “Gloria in excelsis Deo”. Come join the angel song.
Devotional Thought: What is the song in your heart this Christmas? What would you like it to be?

December 24 (6:30 pm): Advent 5 – Jesus:  Christmas Eve Candlelight ServiceX-Factor (John 1:14 & 18) Sometimes Christmas is shortened to Xmas. For some the X, as the first letter in the Greek of Jesus name is just a short form. For many though, the X, as in algebra represents the unknown. This night we will get acquainted with the Christ of Christmas. Join us for this wonderful family and community service. Service is followed by Apple Cider and light refreshments. 
Devotional Thought:  What is the most important thing you know about Jesus?

December 25: Advent 5 – Jesus: Come Again (Revelation 22) The celebration of Christmas is more than just looking back at a great event of history. Christ is at work today to give us a foretaste of the future he will bring when he returns. When he comes again he will make all things right; uniting heaven and earth. “Amen. Come Lord Jesus.” This will be a service for the whole family.
Devotional Thought:  Your Kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”

November 2016 sermon series

November 6th – Life Given (John 16:33 & selected passages) In this week of remembrance let us lament not only for the world wars, but also for the current ongoing violence and injustice of our world. We grieve yes, but we grieve with hope. We’ll feel the brokenness of our world together and carry it to the throne of God. The church more honours her martyrs than her warriors. We remember, we lament, and we hear the call to give our lives in service of Christ, the Prince of Peace.
Devotional Thought: Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” How are you making peace?
November 13th Spaces of Worship (1 Peter 2:4-12) We know the church is the people and not the building, but what of the building? Touring some of the monumental historic churches in the world’s great cities one is moved to wonder. These are spaces of worship built to the glory of God. What do they signify and what is their impact? Pastor Jim will share some of his experience of churches he visited in Italy, Spain and France.
Devotional Thought: What do you think is the impact of our people and place in the community?
November 20th – For the Children (1 Timothy 4:12) This day has been set aside as the National Day of Prayer for Children. Children were important to Jesus and they are important to us. These are quickly changing times with little spiritual depth. The focus will be on the next generation. We will take time to reflect on today’s children and to hold them in prayer. This will be an especially good day to bring the children to worship.
Devotional Thought: How important is it that children learn about Jesus? How?

The Evolution of Faith in Community (Oct 2016)

This 5-part series (plus a bonus sermon) is preached by Rev. Alvin Lau.


September 26 (the bonus one) “Big and Small” (Job 42:1-6) They say, if you’re looking for answers, just Google it. Indeed, Google does have many answers (although not all of them are necessarily right). It seems we know more now than ever before. But does God fit into all this now? (Or perhaps where do we fit with God?) We’ll explore the big and small of it.

Devotional thought: What do you need to trust with God’s wisdom?


October 2 “The Proposal” (Exodus 20:3) As we travel through this series, we’ll explore how God sees this relationship. The Bible has often used a marriage as an analogy between us and God. What does that exactly entail? We’ll join Moses and the Israelites to see the context of that relationship.

Devotional thought: Are you prepared to accept God’s proposal?


October 9 “The Balance of Contentment” (Philippians 4:10-20) There is a fine line between contentment, complacent and entitlement. We can easily lean towards the other two, but contentment can feel elusive. We’ll look at a couple of moments in King David’s life as a case study into that fine line.

Devotional thought: How do you stay content? (Or what will move you towards contentment?)


October 16 “Far, Far Away” (Psalm 13) There are many times when it feels like God is far, far away. Yet those moments may hold a blessing that we don’t always notice. We’ll empathize together and search for that blessing together.

Devotional thought: When do you feel God’s far away? (How do you respond?)


October 23 “Inclusive Exclusivity” (John 14:6) Sometimes, it seems like Jesus is a paradox. Sometimes he bring peace; other times division. He speaks of the kingdom of God being available to all, then says it’s only for a few. We’ll explore the paradox of “inclusive exclusivity”.

Devotional thought: When you look around, who do you discount from God’s kingdom?


October 30 “To Infinity and Beyond” (John 15:11-15, Revelation 4) As we conclude this series, we look to the present and the future, where are faith is being shaped towards and how it will culminate in the future. Jesus challenges us to “love others as he loved us”. How does look now and what will it lead to in the future?

Devotional thought: How will you love as Jesus loves (based on the definition we explored)?

September 2016: Living Upstream in a Downstream World

This three-part series is led by Dr. Gary Nelson.

September 11: “Resident Aliens” (I Peter 1:13-25) Sometimes it feels like to be a person of faith puts us at odds with the world around us. In truth we are. We walk to a different set of core commitments and values that sometimes places us on the other side of arguments- sometimes we see things very differently because of the God we serve. Over the next three weeks we will explore this strange idea of being Resident Aliens both at home in our world but at the same time a stranger.


September 18: “Rooted and Purposeful” (I Peter 2:9-12) Peter is writing to a people in the first century who are facing persecution. In times like those that the early followers of Jesus faced it was easy to lose hope. Peter wants them to be encouraged and he does so by calling them to reflect and grasp onto the Identity they have as disciples of Christ. He realized that out of our identity will flow our actions and our sense of mission. We explore the core of what we root ourselves in- our identity in Jesus Christ.


TBD: “Finding the Centre” (I Peter 4:12-19; 5:6-11) Henri Nouwen one time made a bold statement to a class of graduating students of Tyndale Seminary. He was calling them to maturity as a followers of Jesus told them that to mature as a followers of Jesus will mean that will you be led into some places you don’t want to go. He said “It means the road of downward mobility in the midst of the an upward mobile world. Your life is not going to be easy, and it should not be easy. It ought to be hard. It ought to be radical; it ought to be restless; it ought to lead you to places you’d rather not go.” We end this series focusing on challenge of being a follower of Christ in a complex world.