Ben and Jason from Youth Alpha

We were excited to have Ben and Jason, hosts of Youth Alpha, give a shoutout to the youth at Mimico Baptist as they journey through Youth Alpha.  

Friday Night Children’s Ministry Coordinator

MIMICO BAPTIST CHURCH  JOB DESCRIPTION  FRIDAY NIGHT CHILDREN’S MINISTRY COORDINATOR    PURPOSE  The mandate of Mimico Baptist Church’s (MBC) Friday Night Children’s ministry is to support the discipleship of children (ages 0-11) within the community of MBC Mandarin Ministry. The purpose of the Friday Night Children’s Ministry Coordinator (FNCMC) is to implement the overall ministry mandate and to support a…

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Advent 2017: Immanuel – God with us

At Christmas God came to us in a most unexpected yet wonderful way.  He came accessible as a human – arriving as a baby and growing up with us. He would be called Immanuel – God with us.  How do we experience “Immanuel” in our lives now? Over the Advent and Christmas season we are going answer this question as we explore…

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Avalanche 2018

Our youth group is scheduled to go to CBOQ Youth’s winter retreat “Avalanche”. Here are some details: date: January 19-21, 2018 place: Muskoka Woods, Rosseau, ON While the age group for Avalanche is grades 6-8, we are extending it to grade 9 students this year. Also, those who are older can join as jr. leaders. What do you need to…

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Thanksgiving service 2017

October 8  – Pass Word  (Psalm 100) We come as those who have already received so much. We therefore come with gratitude and generosity. One of the many expressions of gratitude is enthusiastic worship of our Provider. An ancient Psalm gives voice for us and teaches us too. We take time to unwrap and remember our gifts before God and one another in prayer…

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Accessibility Lift update

We are almost there!

Holiday Club 2017: Stories

TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY (Monday’s videos are not available.)

Holiday Club 2017: Skits


Holiday Club 2017: Thursday night songs and messages

Fall 2017 Sermon Series: Jesus Today-A journey through the Gospel According to John (cont’d)

We will take a fresh look at John’s Gospel. Of the four accounts of Jesus’ life and teachings, John takes a unique approach. Written to the church it is an accessible story rich in significance and insight. He describes and demonstrates the great truths of salvation, creation\re-creation, incarnation, the kingdom of God, belief and practice. We will apply all this to…

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