Service Time Change and Celebration Sunday

Last Sunday, the congregation voted to change our service time to 10:30 am year-round (i.e. we will not be switching times during summer months vs the rest of the year). That starts on SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017. June 25 is also a special Sunday service as we join Mimico Presbyterian for their celebration service at 10:30 am.

Summer Services 2017

July 2: “Walking the Waves” (John 6:16-24) with Pastor Jim July 9: The composer of “Abide with Me” wrote a line many of us can relate to. “Change and decay in all around I see.” In our world we see changes happening so quickly and constantly. Some change is good: but at the same time, we need things in our lives…

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Under Construction Series (April to June 2017)

From April 23 to June 25, we will be worshiping at the Hendry Hall at the Presbyterian Church while our building receives a new entrance. While our building is under construction to make it more accessible and to expand the possibilities of ministry we thought it would be a good time for our congregation to do a little rebuilding too. We…

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Easter 2017

April 2: Sunday is a Comin’ (John 5:16-30) Jesus talks to his persecutors to try and help them understand that they are witnessing the greatest moment of history. God was doing something amazing in their midst and they were missing it. Jesus speaks of renewal and life as he alludes to the resurrection. What is the message for us as we approach the celebration…

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Pastor Joshua Chuang retirement celeration

On Sunday, April 2, we celebrate a great friend and servant of God. Pastor Joshua has had a faithful ministry among us resulting in many lives being brought to faith in Christ. He has not only been a disciple maker but a maker of, disciple makers. We are profoundly grateful for his service among us. Please join us as we thank God for…

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Children’s Church: February and March 2017

February 5: Build Your House on the Rock (1 John 2:17) God Talk handout February 12: Have Faith that Follows Him (Romans 3:22) God Talk handout February 19: Bring a Friend with You (Luke 5:20) God Talk handout February 26: Be Chosen to Make a Difference (John 15:16) God Talk handout March 5: Be Forgiven Much (Isaiah 43:25) God Talk handout March 12: Be Raised from the Dead…

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Hiring 2 Summer Students (Event Planners)

We are excited to be looking for two post-secondary students for summer positions as event planners through the Canada Student Jobs grant. You can see the posting by clicking here.

Accessibility Lift Timeline

ACCESSIBILITY LIFT TIMELINE OBJECTIVE To accommodate and/or relocate ministries and programs using our facility during the accessibility lift renovations. PREAMBLE The overall construction timeline for the accessibility renovation is 4 months. However, for the first 10 weeks or so, we will not able to access the front entrance of the church. There will be no use of the general use…

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The Lenten Challenge

The Lenten Challenge The season of Lent begins today and continues to Easter weekend. It is a time of faith renewal. It begins humbly in the ashes of repentance and grows with intensity as it approaches Christ’s death and resurrection. This is a time for you to awaken and deepen your faith. We would like to give you three challenges. Over these 7 weeks we encourage…

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Rethinking Church with Cid Latty (March 19, 2017)

Rethinking Church Guest speaker Cid Latty will share a bit about his experience of planting over 100 Café Churches in England. Let us consider what obedience to Jesus might look like for us in our time and place. Cid is the Congregational Development Associate for the CBOQ.    Devotional Thought: What are some ways we can give our neighbours and friends a…

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